2016 国际海洋电影节世界巡展中国展
Ocean Film Festival World Tour
影片章节介绍 Films Discription
寻梦 I Lost My Dream
Moacir’s dreams stray from typical boyish fantasies of superheroes and pirates. He wants nothing more than to escape his Nicaraguan life of poverty and abuse to live the American dream. The mission north teaches Moacir that unlike many childhood narratives, dreams don’t always come true, but the journey can teach you lessons far greater.
印度冲浪女孩 India’s First Surfer Girl
印度新闻系女生Ishita Malaviya,在第一次尝试冲浪后,就狂热的迷恋上这项运动。她和男朋友Tushar Puthiyan倾囊而出,凑钱购买了他们的第一块儿冲浪板,轮流练习并自学冲浪。现在Ishita Malaviya不仅是名职业冲浪手,还和男友在印度西南部的Manipal经营着一家冲浪俱乐部。
About Ishita Malaviya, a journalism student who, as the title suggests, tried surfing and, along with her boyfriend, Tushar Puthiyan, became hooked. They pooled their money and bought their first surfboard – they could only afford one – and taught themselves to surf. Now she is a professional surfer and they run the Shaka Surf Club in Manipal, Karnataka.
穿越阿留申 Kayaking Aleutians
类别/Category:皮划艇,探险/Kayak, Adventure
101天划行2500公里,Justine Curgenven和Sarah Outen完成了很可能是海上人力皮划艇探险史上最伟大,至今无人能及的旅程。她们远离陆地,在狂风巨浪中和极度恶劣的天气抗争,躲避熊爪的袭击最终成功穿越了阿留申群岛。
Labelled as perhaps the greatest, as yet undone, technical sea kayak expedition in the world, explorers Justine Curgenven and Sarah Outen set out to paddle 2,500km along the Aleutian chain of islands in Alaska to the nearest road. Alone for 101 days in one of the windiest, roughest places on earth, the two women are swept away from land by unknown currents, pounded by rough seas and approached by bears.
无可比拟 Like Nothing Else

Bringing some of the world’s best windsurfers to the big screen this short film is jam packed with big air, incredible stunts, impressive surfing and heart wrenching drops. Like Nothing Else put’s NeilPryde’s windsurfing sails and pro athletes to the test and the results are mindblowing.
豪斯夫妇的海洋故事 Ocean Stories of the Halls
类别/Category:水下电影制作/Under water Film making
Howard and Michele Hall have made a life of diving into the unknown in search of unique marine subjects for their IMAX films. With over four decades of marine cinematography experience, seven Emmy awards, and countless features in the likes of National Geographic, BBC Wildlife, and NOVA, the Halls are the world’s premiere underwater filmmakers. In Ocean Stories: The Halls, we are taken on a visual adventure beneath the waves and into the alien world of the deep.
拯救大翅鲸 One Voice
类别/Category:海洋生物,保育/Marine life, Conservation
This is the story of a sentient beings epic battle to prove to the world that is has every right to call this pale blue dot their home. The North Pacific Humpback Whale was hunted to the brink of extinction. The early 70′s brought us close to no return, only about 500 left in the entire North Pacific. 40 years later and we’re looking at a population over 25,000. In one lifetime we have witnessed one of the greatest success stories in conservation history.
莱特巨浪 The Right
位于西澳的冲浪点“The Right”有着被冲浪手们戏称为魔鬼海浪的复杂巨浪,刚好符合着迷于挑战极限冲浪的Ryan Hipwoop的目标。于是和其他疯狂冲浪手们一起,Ryan决定征服“The Right”。
Gold Coast surfer Ryan Hipwood has made a career out of surfing the borderline impossible and “The Right” in Western Australia surely qualifies for that distinction. There are waves at “The Right” that actually are impossible to make. Watch in awe as Mark Mathews, Dean Morrison, and a handful of others willing to roll the dice take on this monster slab.
孟加拉漂流记 Gold of Bengal
类别/Category:航海,冒险/Sailing, Adventure
影片讲述了法国人Corentin de Chatelperron,用麻袋等材料,建造了一条廉价的环保船。之后 Chatelperron带着两只母鸡,独自驾驶着这条仅有一个小型温室和几个新奇小发明的“金色孟加拉”,用了6个月环游了孟加拉海湾群岛。并且用摄像机录下了他本次的旅程。
The Frenchman, Corentin de Chatelperron, who used jute and found and reused objects to create a cheap, sustainable and viable vessel.Chatelperron then set out on the boat with two hens, a small greenhouse and a few other contraptions with the intention of six months’ self-sustained solo sailing around the islands of the Gulf of Bengal – filming his journey.